Alternate Characters

I created another character some time ago and thought this would be a great spot to list out the types of characters I would like to play once my halfling rogue is dead, as morbid as that sounds.


  1. Hunter: I’d like to make this type of character like a sniper type.
  2. Shaman (homebrew)
  3. Engineer or Gadgeteer
  4. Possibly a cannoneer (I need more info on how the skills work)
  5. Barbarian
  6. Warlock


  1. Gnome
  2. Fey of some type (like a pixie or fairy)
  3. Goblin (homebrew)
  4. Dragonborn or half-dragon
  5. Tiefling
  6. Half-orc
  7. Vampire (or a blood magic user) (homebrew)
  8. Centaur (homebrew)

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