Day Two: Lookout for Giants

Tonight’s campaign

After three days of traveling, Al-Hazir, the man who is the organizer of the arena fight we were forced into from the last campaign, is taking us to his village in Buldamar to fight off giants that have been invading the place.

While on the road, I check for any thief signs or markings, but the markings that were found that indicated raiding spots to steal from passing caravans were destroyed.

Yara, the Otterfolk, asks where she might find a lake.  Al-Hazir tells her there is a lake called The Lake of Salt nearby.

Arriving at the village, we see a small castle and several farms in the area.  Al-Hazir describes how he wants us to kill the giants that have been destroying his land, “I want their heads adorned on walls.”

OBJECTIVE 1: Kill nearby giants

Al-Hazir appears to be wealthy and has many servants.  The village has a small castle that is about 20-30 feet high with iron wrought bars at the gates.

Herald is a servant of Al-Hazir and a farmer who is also the head of the farmers.  He guides us in the beginning of our arrival while Al-Hazir disappears into his castle.

We question Herald to find out more about the giants.  Herald explains that there are two different types of giant tribes: locations are Moon Stair and Ruins of the Serpent Kings.  Each tribe does it’s fair damage but the villagers do not understand why.  The villagers tried using fire or alcohol to scare or appease the giants but those things did not work.  The giants are about 15 feet tall and do not seem to be too intelligent.  The giants also seem to be at war with each other.

While speaking with Herald, he indicates that his daughter has gone missing.

OBJECTIVE 2: Celia was taken, Herald’s daughter, was taken 4 days ago

We head to the blacksmith and herbalist shops.  The blacksmith agrees to make the thief tools for me while charging Al-Hazir, but they wouldn’t be ready until the morning.  We go to the herbalist shop but they were closed.

To attempt to gain more information about the giants, we visit the nearest lake and Yara performs Waterspeaker to summon a water spirit and ask questions about the giants but they don’t seem to know much.

We head back to the village shortly after and are escorted to a warehouse where we will be staying.  The largest bed is on the ground floor.  The smaller and normal-sized beds are on the top floor.  The human paladin is very upset at the accommodations, Yara ends up squirming around in the largest bed, and the paladin goes into a rage seeing as this is the only bed he can rest in, effectively breaking the rest of the beds.  The half-hippo acknowledges that he is simply too heavy for any beds prepared for him and says fuck it, jumps into the bed, breaks the entire bed and just lays there.  All of the beds pretty much end up getting destroyed.

The paladin walks outside for air while the servants come by with food.  He grabs a bit of meat while they knock on the door to deliver the food and then leave.  Yara and the half-hippo end up playing with their food a bit.

Three servants come back with wine and the paladin takes the entire pitcher, leaving only cups for the rest of us who didn’t know he took the wine since he was outside and we were all inside.

We take a long rest to replenish our skills.

As we are about to head out, we realize we need to pick up some tools and visit the herbalist shop.  A servant delivers a bag of gold and gives it to Myrin to purchase whatever we need and we head over to the blacksmith’s shop.  We get charged 3g for the thieves tools (we could have gotten it for free if Myrin didn’t tell him we received gold from Al-Hazir).

We go to the herbalist, and purchase two herbalist kits for each shaman and buy several plants for poison resistance, sleep and other ingredients for 15g.

We head to one of the giant’s encampments and when we get close enough to hear something, I stealth over to scope out the situation.  We find a giant and missing daughter.

Myrin decides to get close enough to the giant to use his telepathy spell and I stealth behind the child in case the giant gets violent.  The child appears to be 8 or 9 years old.

Myrin eventually convinces the giant that everything is okay and the child will visit the giant when she can but must return to her father.

Now we head back to the village and have to think of a way to convince Al-Hazir that the giants are not really a threat.

We all get to level 6

As a rogue, I get two new proficiencies.  I chose Perception and Athletics since the DM made us do that a lot on different things.

Side Notes

The DM has the best role-playing accents.  Al-Hazir has a middle-eastern accent while the servants have a more hillbilly accent.


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