Day Five: What a big blue dragon!

Myrin created a list and the servants put the items together for us.

5 x backpacks (2 smaller, 2 larger)
5 x bedrolls (2 smaller, 2 larger)
5 x mess kits
5 x tinderbox
50 x torches
50 days of rations
5 x waterskins
5 rolls of 50 feet of hempen rope

We venture out to Purple Spire.  We see a large purple stone like a monument surrounded by spikey rocks in the distance.

I use theives cant to see if there is anything in the area.

We see some towns people and they offer to guide us through the Spire.

We are led up a long staircase with several levels.

The Master’s name is Grymm Do’Shaka

We are led to a teleportation on the floor

I ask what the symbol on the rug by the teleport is and it turns out it is the markings of a popular trademan.

We get teleported to a large blue dragon melting gold and gems

I fail at my perception check and think there is a pile of snow that is actually white powder.

We are making a deal with the dragon

OBJECTIVE: Some box with a creature in it for the object we are looking for

Which is in the Plains of Purple Dust

Before we explore the desert, we try to learn more but only find out there is a 100g charge for using the library in Purple Spire

We wander the desert and see some small creatures when it’s night time.

We give the horses water via Create Water

We get stuck in a sand storm

It stops and we encounter a 3-headed beast




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