Day Four: Dead as a Doorknob

We just killed the giant, Tob, not Cob (the nicer one).

Yara leads us out of the forest.

We all are suffering from exhaustion, so we get disadvantage on ability checks.

Al-Hazir shows up in his robes and we present him with the giant head.

A servant picks up the head.

We are led down a hallway in the castle.

There is a lot of gold vases and paintings along the walls along the corridor.

We head into his personal quarters and go into what seems like a private room with maps and other items.

His family collects rare items, and we are going to be tasked with finding some item that his family has never found and don’t know anything about.

OBJECTIVE THREE: Find this mysterious item.

We are now sleeping in the castle so that we can easily analyze the clues to find this item.  We no longer have disadvantage.

Rivers and lakes

Original legend

Shal-Hazir – grandfather

3 clues where the item may be


The realm dies and no one can save it,
One holds the power and Two defeat him,
his evil deeds rended by their sword,
a clean cut made quick,
not a sound heard,
the Two rejoice and lay down arms,
their blade forgotten and unused

1. One hundred faeries immolate the desert
an Obelisk among them
the needle in a sandstorm
2. wielded by none
feared by all
grasp the hilt and find its power
3. The bells go un-rung
a dress forever white
 eternal sadness is her’s to keep


A knock on the door

The city guard comes and says we are needed because a giant (grey) is destroying the town

Myrin creates an illusion that looks like Tob

Tries to convince the giant gray giant, named Cobble, to go away from the town

We are looking for someone per Cobble

Someone who ran away

We follow Cobble to a group of giants

Read Thoughts spell is cast

His objective is to make Cob a slave and work for him

Cobble finds Cob

Myrin convinces Cob to attack Cobble

We begin our attack

Yara performs Entangle

We each try to strike and eventually kill Cobble with the help of Cob

We tell Cob not to go into town and Norand heals his face

Full rest


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