Day Seven: Did we survive? live video from Cynthal on

We’re about to fight the blue dragon.

We all die, but the dragon resurrects us. We entertained him.

The dragon gives us each an item.

Myran: Mask of Elemental Savagery. Grants access to the Elemental Weapon spell for one type of damage only. Damage type depends on what type of damage the spiritual weapon is associated with. Earth Spirit
Yara: Orb of Liquid Memory- A Marble with a needle in it that points to the nearest body of water. This marble can be placed in the water or held be a creature standing in the water to cause the reflection of the water to show what was being reflected up to 24 hours prior. Dragon unlocks an ability in Yara’s spirit focus, enabling her to cast Plant Growth once per day without consuming spirit points.
Agua: Slipstream Dagger. This is a +1 Dagger. When thrown, the dagger will either return to the user’s hand, or teleport the user to the dagger. The wielder may choose the outcome.
Norand: Flask of endless wine. This flask produces a seemingly endless amount of wine. The taste is neither poor nor exquisite. +1 Shield of the Defender. This is a +1 shield. While within 15ft of an ally, you gain 3 Damage Reduction against Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning damage.
Alphius: +1 Cannon Ball of Explosive Returning. When this projectile strikes a target, all creatures within 5ft make a DC12 Dexterity Saving Throw. On failure, a creature takes 1d4 Fire damage.

We get teleported out of the dragon’s lair in Purple Spire.

Before we try to head toward the mountains to the left we take a long rest.

Yara and Myrin meditate and go to visit a mountain spirit. The spirit tells them about where to find the next location.

I test my new dagger, called the Slip Stream Dagger. It teleports back to me when no one is looking.

Yara hears a screaming/screeching in 3 directions.

We follow the sounds.  Takes about 16 hours without going through the detour.

As the Hippo, Myrin, and Yara are sleeping, Norand and I keep watch.  I notice harpies and exclaim, “Oh shit!”


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