Day Six: Three Heads are better than one? live video from Cynthal on

We begin out fight with the Chimera

Hippo shoots a cannon into the Chimera’s bum

I slice open its belly and stab its heart for the killing blow

We find our way back to the horses and carriage

We see a mini sand storm

Norand throws a javelin at it and the storm stops, a rock spirit appears

Myrin and Yara speak with the spirit while Myrin translates

Fury of the Desert is the spirits name

Brought into creation from the ire of the animals of the desert

The spirit created a path to help us on our way

We put the dead chimera in the wagon and make it back in a half-day

The spirit is grateful for us killing the Chimera and gives bonuses to Myrin’s armor

Myrin and the spirit go to the spirit realm

Myrin gets a gift that he isn’t sure what it is for just yet

We give the dragon to the servant and the dead Chimera is teleported to the the dragon

One hundred faeries immolate the desert
an Obelisk among them
the needle in a sandstorm
Complete: we get a platinum stone
I couldn’t grab it from Hippo
Yara puts Resistance on me

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