Gerta’s Tavern

I found a ring with a ruby in it. I privately messaged the DM if it was magical. I had to roll an investigation and arcana check.  It was found to be a ring of great value but not magical.

We head over to some village and I stealth in. Hippo goes in and I head into the opposite direction. I find a building a slip into a window.  I find a stairway and head upwards, looking for anything valuable along the way.

Hippo finds a building and enters through a door. He tried to be quiet opening the door and poops himself.

The paladin mentions this is an important place.  Large ceilings of about 45 feet.

I check the top floor rooms, one at a time.  Nothing interesting.

The paladin performs a Divine Sense.  We eventually find a spirit and there is blood on the walls.  We try to figure out why she is there.

Someone wronged her.
Her father killed her.
She doesn’t remember her father’s name.
She’s three centuries old.
She’s holding something small and metallic.

We decided to attack her and three more spirits appear.

I get possessed by a ghost and start hitting Myrin.

Hippo gets possessed and hits the paladin.

The paladin kills the boss.

They get me to zero and I get saved. We then aim at Hippo and this takes some time because he is like a tank. We eventually get him to zero and “kill” all of the ghosts.



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