Will we escape the dungeon?

After defeating two large Chuuls in the dungeon, we collect two large Chuul plates.

We try the metal pieces in the next door and water starts to pour into the room.

We are trying to figure out how to open the door.  The water gets very high and suddenly the door starts glowing.

We place the metal piece in the door and the water stops.

I find a pedestal with two metal bands that are magnetic.

I announce it and we hear something open.

Acid starts pouring into the dungeon.  We run with the bands.  Hippo and the paladin put on the ring and they put them into the previous door.  It opens and the acid stops.

They try to remove the rings but Hippo fears that something will happen. Myrin sees that there is some enchantment on the rings.

When Hippo and the paladin move far away from each other, the paladin leaves the dungeon and sees a vision of a large battlefield, a man and woman that’s together, and a sinister-looking mage.  The paladin takes a sip of the wine.

Hippo see’s the same vision from the woman’s perspective and the paladin passes the wine to Hippo.

The celestial horse is standing on something.We look and see it’s a dead harpy.

Only I don’t know what is going on while the rest are speaking to the horses using beast speech.

We walk to where Cobb the giant lives since we are nearby. Cobb is eating a deer.

We go back to the keep of Al-Hazirs’.  Hippo and Norand are becoming rather fond of each other because of the rings.  Norand removes his ring and both gets 5 points of damage.  Hippo becomes hesitant but finally removes the ring and gives them to Al-Hazir.

Al-Hazir is confused because he thinks it’s a weapon he was looking for.  We explain that the rings are weapons.  He calls a couple of mages and gives them the rings to inspect them.  They explain that the rings create a leader but the couple becomes betrothed.

We are led to a large room with paintings of the previous rulers and signed documents on the desk.

We ask to be released from the chains.  Al-Hazir presents a crystal so we can get the chains removes from our wrists.  He says we are now nobles and also gives us property (where Cobb lives) and the land will be rebuilt.  For saving Harold’s daughter, Harold will work for us on our new farm along with two other people.

Yara goes to Harold to help him expedite his farm growth.  He shows her a rudimentary map that looks more like doodles.  Her spell is called “Plant Growth”.

Plant Growth
Yara • Transmutation Cantrip
V, S
Cast Time
1 Action or 8hrs
All Plants in a 100ft Radius centered on a point within range
Spell Description

This spell channels vitality into Plants within a specific area. There are two possible uses for the spell, granting either immediate or long-term benefits.

If you cast this spell using 1 action, choose a point within range. All normal Plants in a 100-foot radius centered on that point become thick and overgrown. A creature moving through the area must spend 4 feet of Movement for every 1 foot it moves.

You can exclude one or more areas of any size within the spell’s area from being affected.

If you cast this spell over 8 hours, you enrich the land. All Plants in a half-mile radius centered on a point within range become enriched for 1 year. The Plants yield twice the normal amount of food when harvested.

I ask around for underground/black markets.  Ring of thieves is known as the Shadow Clan are in the following locations: Geldaneth, Chavyondat and Delzimmer.  I talk with the architect to ask him for an underground tunnel with a large room to create my own black market.  I go to make some connections with Chavyondat and Delzimmer and barely survive.  I get a pair of super black boots that indicate I’m part of the Shadow Clan.  Shipments will come in a couple of weeks.

Yara and Myrin go into the spirit world.  They see a lot of spirits and start walking on a giant snake.  The giant snake thinks they’re trespassing.  They say they’re remaking his temple to save their lives.  They have to complete some tasks for the snake and the snake takes them out of the spirit realm.

Norand (the paladin) trains, teaching the guards a couple of things.

Hippo gets a custom made hammer and names it “Paul Blart”.



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