Is there any loots?

After killing the boss, we naturally want to check for loot.

I find a “Jeffery Bag of Holding” and a magical dagger with a button on it.

I try to run away with the bag when everyone suggests they split the gold in him.  I get caught by Yara’s entanglement and she takes the bag.

Yara convinces the bag to talk to her.  The bag is 136 years old and he was with the evil undead guy for a long time.  She asked for one of the spell books he had in him and he throws it up.  It has a lot of spells that are associated with necromancy.

They set camp under a tree and inspect the dagger. The button causes major damage (and adds +1 to magic bonus).

Myrin gets a dream of a man asking for help. He reaches out to help him and then his body starts ceasing and gets scratch marks all of his body for a couple of minutes.  Yara meditates and tries to bring Myrin back. Eventually he comes back.

Yara sneaks away with the bag and asks about a stone she found that makes stuff turn back to life.

Myrin takes some damage and exhaustion. Norand lends him the horse to ride on.

I want to go to Chavyondat to settle some issues.


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