What’s in the bush?

We sprung a trap and bandits come out from hiding.

Alphius is the first to attack with his now enchanted weapon called Paul Blart.

We all try out our new weapons and try to defeat these bandits.

We find a couple of the marauders with a tattoo of a snake in a circle on his forearm.

We reach Underwatch and notice that it’s a very bland and a sad kind of place.

We head into a bar and meet Kenway in a red robe.

Objective: kill the marauders

Kenway monolog:  https://www.twitch.tv/cynthal or the direct video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_56kX9gMXg

There are orcs somewhere in the under chasm near Luthcheq.  His people waged a war against them.  They’ve been capturing his people and eating them or selling them off.  He slipped away and the orcs slaughtered most of his people, children and all.  Others were enslaved.

Kenway gives the group 1000g. We split some of it and we have 100g each. 500g goes to Jeffry now for a total of 1744g.

We all pay a gold for a room at the inn. We restock on rations and any other necessities.

We have a cart and 3 horses and the warhorse.


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