In the town of sadness

While in Underwatch, we encounter the quest giver, Kenway.

The basic story was that his party fell into an orc trap and orcs slain or enslaved all of his people.

On our journey to Luthcheq, Yara has visions.  Suddenly her stone is producing water.  She brings it to Myrin’s tent and wakes him up with the water.

The water keeps coming out of her focus and she’s slowly going into astral form.  A water elemental form and she is basically eaten by it.  We attempt to fight the water elemental to get her out.

Yara finally gets out of the astral realm by holding onto the stone that planted itself on her forehead.

Myrin takes Yara into the dream realm. Norand and Hippo goes back to sleep and I go back to surveilling the area.

During the dream, Yara and Myrin see visions of strange magic and how the elemental gets concealed in the stone.  One of the creatures say, “We have to make sure the creature doesn’t make it out of the purifier.” or something like that and supposedly, the water elemental was eating dragons and all wildlife and stuff.

Yara sees a tiny key floating in front of her and rests in her palm. The key looks like a cresting wave at the top and the rest of the key is solid water.

Yara tests the water elemental.  She can use the water elemental once a day.

For more on this, visit Cynthal’s stream:

We see a small dragon-like creature crash in front of our small caravan and we roll for initiative.

We try to speak with it but can’t as it is not a dragon.  We realize it’s similar to a small copper dragon but has a scorpion tail and continue to attack it.  We hear flapping and a bigger copper dragon comes and starts to eat the smaller dragon.

We painfully kill the bigger copper dragon and get to level 9.

As a rogue, I get +6 to my health (5 + my con modifier) and I get the following:

9th level: 5d6


Starting at 9th level, you have advantage on a Dexterity (Stealth) check if you move no more than half your speed on the same turn.


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