Spiders and blindness

These darn spider people cast darkness around them and I can’t see where to hit.  So I move out.  Each hit is at a disadvantage so I need to say that I am waiting for the darkness to disappear so that I can kill the damn spider person, so I hold my action.

Everyone still tries to fight. The darkness finally disappears and I’m able to start attacking it again.

We finally kill the spider people and we try to gather the materials from the spiders but dark wisps appear and are eating the spider corpses.  They don’t want us touching their food.

Hippo finds a ring and gold. I find jack shit. Damn dice.  He puts on the strange ring.

And we are out of the cave.  Methane smells in the air.

We attempt to find our path again and once we find it, we set up camp and take a full rest.

Hippo finds out that his ring summons a bunch of spiders.  And I am very jealous.


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