Buh bye Driders, Hello to Continuing on our Quest

We get a long rest and continue on our quest. Yara notices a very thick murky water.  Yara bottles the methane and gives it to Hippo.

We run into a bunch of dead bodies and prepare to fight.  We save one paladin, Sigmond Roughton, who warned us and he helps us.

The dead bodies were a trap and were actually alive.  The orcs strike and attack us.

We kill most of them and take two hostages.  We collect armor and weapons and give them to Jeffry, bag of holdin.

Norand speaks to one of the orcs. He finds out:

  1. Warchief is very powerful can called Crush-Crush
  2. Chief told orcs to play dead
  3. Clan and war camp is underground and called the Underchasm, the northeast is where the entrance is near a wide river with a drawbridge.
  4. A human who wears a robe helps them.
  5. There are slaves in the camp

Sea of falling stars is possibly where the orcs are.

Norand gets the armor from Sigmond and trades so Norand has proper armor again.


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