Hide from those orc!

We rest and continue on our adventure.  We hear a lot of people coming our way.  We hide the cart and stealth a little off the road.

An army of orcs is walking across the road.  There are at least 50 orcs.  There are several slaves.

We get to Luthecheq and see that it was recently raided by the orcs that passed us.  We find a few villagers but they are hesitant to move anywhere to grow their crops.

We go to the river so Yara can speak to it:

  • Why are the orcs afraid of the river?
    It would destroy them.
  • Will the river kill them?

We find out that orcs can dye by running water. Woot!

Yara and Myrin go into the spirit world.  Some weirdness starts to happen. The dessert spirit kind of speaks with Myrin and Yara is just scary and no spirit wants to speak with her.  Yara leaves and tries to draw on Myrin’s face.

Myrin still tries to speak with spirits.  He sees a fire spirit and it helps him find the entrance to the orcs territory.  He goes through all sorts of spiritual things.

He relays his findings.  We head south.  We set camp.


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