Onward to the Underchasm

Watch the stream here: https://youtu.be/pLa2KN_3XBY

We are talking about a plan.  Myrin does some woodcraft to create a canoe.  Yara metamorphs and creates a wave for us to go faster.

Myrin does his magic and we all look like an orc. I look like an orc child, a vicious one with two sharp knives.  Norand can speak orcish but I have 3 words I can say in orcish: mine, kill, take.

We make our way into the orc village. The villagers are scared of the shaman (Myrin) and wondered how there was still one alive.  They escort us to a leader and they try to question us but we deceive them.

We are then led to rest.  One of the orcs tries to figure out what Yara is.  Myrin tried to distract.  He has no tongue and makes the orc angry when he mind-speak him.  Norand yells at the orc to back away. I go to play-stab the orc.  This leaves a mark. He tries to kick me but I dodge it.  I growl at him and he gets intimidated.  He gets a whooping by the leader.

Then the orc wants to challenge Yara but Norand says he has to fight him first before. The orc gets pissed.

Yara smashes the ground and everyone hears a water swoosh sound.

We alert the orcs and go into the initiative and fight the small group of orcs. We kill the leader and two other orcs and try to convince the last orc to take us to the Warchief but he refuses so Hippo kills him.


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