Dat immovable rod yo…

We are on a highway that is about 40-50 feet wide.  We are planning on dumping the bodies.  First we are going to loot them and find a necklace. Alphius throws the corpses of the cliff of the road.

We take a long rest. Norand is taking first watch and wakes up Alphius because he see’s orcs coming down the road.  He also sees shadows on the ceiling.  Alphius finds a necklace, hands it to me, I hand it to Myrin and Yara to inspect.  Alphius gets the necklace and puts it on. He jumps super high and lands softly.  I try it on and I jump a foot and land heavily.

We walk around and we see a camp with tons of tents.  We roll perception to see what is going on in this cavern.

We see Crush Crush and the slaves.

We see a guy pulling slaves and whips one of them so Norand gets pissed off and hits the guy.  We hear someone whispering to us to free her.  The guy backs off and he leads us to a large cave on our way the slave leader, Garesh (?).

We buy the 11 slaves for 80g.  The slave girl’s name is Alumna.  She’s a half-elf.  She asks us to retrieve her weapons.  I bring back a glass crate with two horses and 25 horseshoes.  Yara summons a horse and commands it to kick Norand and it listens only to her.

And we end it there.


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