What’s next?

We defeated KrushKrush and freed several slaves.  We try to figure out what to do.

We use the new horse pieces to summon magical horses.  It takes us 6 hours to get to Luthchek instead of 3 days.

“Like the wind” to summon.
“Apples and oats” to dismiss the statue horse.

Norand summons his warhorse to him and it ran through a house and knocked down an old man’s, Esker’s, door. Alphius, Myrin, and Yara offer to repair the door.

Norand tells every one in the town of his heroic adventures.

I look around for stuff to steal, but the town is poor.

We try to find the mayor, Hiidan Colt, to tell him that people are coming. I stay with the horses, annoyed by following a child again.  Yara shows the mayor the head to prove we killed the leader.

The team decides to help the village before we leave.

I help by making everything secure.  I realize there was someone following me. I stealthily backtrack and the teifling loses me. I follow him to his camp and ask him some questions.

Yara tries talking to Jeffry to calm him down from being mad at her for stuffing the leader’s head down his throat.  She tries to create an emotional connection with the group and Jeffry. Jeffry asks each of us what we are and what our favorite food is.

We take a rest.


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