Onward to Underwatch

Yara gives me a necklace as a symbol of her friendship and we go to Underwatch.

We notice that there is a tree without any leaves and some possible scorch marks.  We get close to the tree and Myrin moves in closer to see that Kenway died by hanging.  Myrin reads a suicide letter from his hands.  The bar is where he left our reward.

We make our way to the bar for the reward that Kenway stayed at.  The barkeep directs us to his room.

We enter the room and we see chamber pod, a bed, and a chest.  I try to pour the chamber pod contents onto Alphius but instead, Myrin does Prestidigitation and releases the contents of shit on my character.

We head over to Alda the quartermaster, who the guard mentioned we should speak to.

Hippo does hippo thingz and climbs the walls before a couple of guards.  Hippo slips while trying to do this. Yara grabs onto Hippo but he lands on her.  The guards are in awe of this and are not paying attention so I take advantage of this and sleight of hand one of the guards and grab a key.  Yara takes 3 points of damage.  Luckily, Hippo has a necklace that doesn’t fully crush her but she can’t feel her legs.  Norand recovers her health but her legs are messed up.  I try to slap Hippo for the insult but it misses.

Hippo gives Yara some fish to make amends.

Alda appears wondering what is going on.  We enter further and see a messy room.  There is an elder elf that looks to be doing something at a desk.  Alphius climbs the walls again on the outside of the room because he can’t come in.

The elf inspects the orc head to verify that it is what we say it is.  The elf says the necromancer possibly uses a simulacrum for his spells. Very powerful and illegal types of spells.  We assume this is Alda.

The elf examines Norand’s sword and we find out that Norand’s new sword is very special and old.

I try to look for something valuable in the room.  All I see is maps, books, paper, a spear and some armor that is covered.  Nothing I can see that is special for me.

Norand asks for the orc blood to put on the sword from Jeffry but it wasn’t fresh.



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