On our way back home…

Level 10!  Health goes up to 62 now and I put to ability score points into Wisdom.

We spoke with Alda (the old elf) and we are just awaiting our summons to give the head to the commander.

An average looking guard asks for us to go to the leading commander.  Norand takes his cup with him while we follow the guard.  We get a glimpse of the area when we follow the guard.

We are ushered into a room where the commander is.  We see some cages before we get a large area with armor equipment, training dummy, etc.  It looks like a warrior’s home.  There is a desk with a bunch of books on it but there are lots of weapon racks in the area.

We see a half-orc is the leading commander and was boxing a training dummy.  He stops and Myrin gives him the head.  He asks if we would be interested in joining the legend.

Myrin creates a hologram-like moving image of KrushKrush and tried to describe what he was like and what he did to the leading commander.  Battered counsel is already in communication with them.

Myrin explains what happened to Kenway.  The Legend is in our debt.  We leave his office.

I sleight of hand one of the commander’s coin purses on the way out.

  1. I want to search for the door the key belongs to.
  2. Myrin wants to talk to Alda.
  3. Yara wants to look for something related to jewelry crafting.
  4. Alphius does Hippo things and looks for a place to sleep.

I find the place where the key belongs and it seems like another library.  I steal a book that I think might be good for one of my teammates.  I don’t know anything about it but figure one of them might like it.

Yara doesn’t really find much but figures she needs to talk to Alda.

Alda gives Yara a couple of books and also gives Myrin a rare book.  Myrin also gets his stuff inspected.

One of the items he has is:
Cloak of Shadowmelding – While standing perfectly still in a shadow, you meld into it and become completely undetectable by normal means. While in this state you are unable to perform actions of any kind, other than breaking the effect.

Norand buys wine around the area, looking for the good stuff.

We all reconvene.  Everyone (except me and Normand) look at the books.  Yara sees a book about other otter-folk.  Myrin gives Alphius the rare book.

We grab a boat and the driver is a gnome female sorcerer named Tahnja Shortgate.

I give the book I find to Yara because I don’t need it.  I look at the pretty gems I found, pricking my fingers on the shards every now and then.

Yara and Myrin go into the dream realm.  Yara gets a scary, mysterious message from some spirit.


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