On a boat, la la la la!

Yara is still in the spirit world with Myrin.  She is speaking with a very interesting spirit who identifies as the Purifier.  He is a bit aggressive because he hates the otterfolk.

There was a lot of pretty good dialog that I have to link to the stream here.


We go underground with Myrin and Yara while they are in a trance.  The boat is being tossed around a whole lot.

They are pretty banged up but at one point I try to protect Yara.

Myrin apologizes for leaving when I was saddened and depressed about not being able to see gold anymore.

We land in Chavyandat.

Norand and the rest find out they’re marked and cannot trade in the city.

A lot of funny shit happens and I just couldn’t type it all here but essentially Norand and the gang (except me) get into a bit of a disagreement.

I finally decided to look for the scammer that we saw the first time we visited this city.  I roll a high investigation and stealth check.

Once they each figure out how to get the mark off their heads,




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