After the zombie slaughter…

Norand decides to go back to town after killing a hoard of all sorts of zombies.

Corvad Grandthrow artisan….

I find a tall tree and take a nap.  It’s at a central point of the city and

Yara finds a sea urchin after her nap.

Norand looks for an inn and encounters a teifling named Gweneth.  He washes off his armor and rents a room.  The house is dwarven themed.

Yara offers sea urchin to most and they seem to like it…

Myrin and Alphius goes to a blacksmith and asks some questions to find out about tinkering or jewel crafting.

Yara is talking with a half-elf who is a leather maker/hunter.

The team sells some of the useless armor we collected, worth 300 gold, and they ask for silver to pour into Jeffry (since he loves silver).

Norand looks for a guy named Brevden to redeem a quest with 11 zombie jaws, bear parts, and other zombie bits.

We head home and see Cobb playing with the little farmer’s girl.  We find out that there are some things that have changed and I don’t have a damn thing in my black market.



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