While at home…

I send letters to the black market and wipe away the markings one of them left behind.

Norand writes a letter to the Order.

Myrin talks with Alphius about making Cob a training sword.  Myrin talks with the plants to make sure they are doing well.

We dine and drink together for the night.

For breakfast, we begin eating. The halfling (Finny) that is working with Al Hazir enters and he asks us to come to Al Hazir’s.  He tells us more about him:

  • Al Kahara is where he was last.
  • Oskar is the leader, a dwarf.
  • He works with 40 others like him.
  • He is originally from Flan.

My character supposedly recognizes him from someplace.

Myrin gets Cob to help him get a tree to make a training sword. He teaches Cob to swing a sword and what it’s for.

Oskar Blackblue meets us at Al Hazir’s. I try to follow the halfling but a guard directs me to a different direction.

We find out we were found in the Coliseum in Al Kahara by Al Hazir.

Myrin goes into the spirit realm to ask the spirits some questions to find out what is going on at Al Hazir’s and the spirit he was trying to protect him.  The protected spirit was cannibalized.

We eventually locate the evil person (a vampire named Gregor Castaroff Cloudstrider the fourth) that seems to have glamorized Al Hazir.  We end up fighting him in his den.   We eventually kill the vampire.


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