Poor Shay Hazir!

I unlock a tome Yara handed me and that Norand finds in the vampire’s ash remains.

Lock picking roll is 1d20 + dex + proficiency bonus…

which right now is 1d20+5+3

Norand demands that Al Hazir unlock the door to the dungeon we are in.  He hesitantly opens the door and lets us out.

We check to see if everyone in the castle are well and uncharmed.

We look for Al Hazir’s husband, Shay Hazir.

I make a deal with Finny to be my storekeeper in my black market.

Norand gets an offer from Oscar to free slaves but he declines.

We go around looking for Al Hazir’s husband still.  We eventually find him with Yara’s help and we find him in really poor condition with vampire bites.

Myrin goes to the sleep realm to speak with spirits to find out more about cannibalized spirits and how it occurs.

Yara continues to read the tome, which happens to be the vampire’s diary and finds out it’s pretty damn boring.


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