Shit started getting real

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Myrin takes some of Shay Hazir’s fine hair to perform Dream to talk to him while he is sleeping to recover. Myrin finds out that he is a wizard.

Yara sneaks away with some ham and gives it to Hippo because it’s too salty.

Myrin has a near death experience while sleeping.

I talk with Finny and give him a few shards of gems so he can find a place to sleep and eat.

She finds and wakes Myrin and he does Prestidigitation on Yara.  It rips the fur from her face when she was trying to get the blood off of her fur. Yara starts crying.  Hippo tries to give sympathy to Yara.  Myrin casts Seeming to make Yara look like herself.

I get the shipment early from Gheldameth and store it in the warehouse.

We all level to 11.  I am not 68 in health (62 max health + 5 rogue dice + 1 con mod).





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