B-b-b-bird bird bird, the bird is the word!

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Yara asks Norand to heal her to see if her fur will come back to her face, but it only heals the burning feeling.  She is depressed.

Finny presents me with a choice: I should hire one more person to man the black market, but it would take 10 days to get someone.  Then I would need to look him over to see if I trust him.

Norand and Alphius notice a flock of birds around Buldamar and consider it unnatural.

Yara hears Alphius’s cannon and she runs out to hear that there are some weird birds around.

Norand finds Myrin and wakes him up. He explains that something is not right.

Myrin talks with the birds to find out about what they’re doing.  The birds seem to be preparing for a fight and waiting for their big bird master.

Myrin goes into the dream realm to see how Shay Hazir is doing.  For some reason he is dreaming of being tortured again.

I decide to let Finny find a second person to man the market.  I also ask if he can check and see what is going on with Geldameth’s shipment.

The rest of the group fights the birds and the large undead bird boss.  They kill it… violently.




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