Not sure if I’m going to survive the next game.

I admit, I wrote tonight’s game terribly, so listen to the stream here:

Everyone does their own thing.

  • Alphius is going to analyze the feathers he collected and repair Normand’s armor.   Also checking inventory.  He finds Quetzalcoatl feathers.  He makes a Quetzalcoatl grenade.  He has a scorpion tail which he took the poison out of and put it into glass jars, per Yara’s suggestion.  After seeing that Jeffry is no longer responsive, he does detect magic and isn’t sure if there is still magic involved.  Yara wants him to fix her fur but he only suggested a mask.
  • Yara is going to make a metal wire and make some necklaces.  Yara gives Jeffry a gem and he loves it.  She tries to break the second one into snack-size pieces asking Alphius to do it with a hammer, but he failed.  She gives Jeffry the second one and Jeffry’s face disappears along with all the objects in him.  She slaps the bag to wake him up but to no avail.
  • Myrin wants to go and speak with Al Hazir.  Al Hazir offers to repair the giant hole in the wall.  Myrin travels to Alda to speak with him about the recent events and that Al Hazir is fixing the wall but he’s not available.  He sends a message to Herald instead.  Myrin see’s Gareth and he directs him to a book about Phoenix’s.  He reads up on the Phoenix and begins to learn about it.
  • I tell everyone that I am going to have two guests to be my sparring partners.  Only Myrin thinks that something is omitted or fishy.  I wander into the blacksmith room and scare Alphius while he is pouring poison into a glass jar. He drops and breaks it but luckily the poison doesn’t get on him. He tries to throw some at me but misses. Yara yells and lectures me and I give her two gems and one gem to Alphius as an apology.  I hide in the black market but later try to make my way to the bedroom. I walk behind Alphius and he didn’t know I was there, he let a big one rip and I pass out.  And we end the game there.

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