Full gang in rpg mode

This week’s stream presented by https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158168952

  • My rogue caters to the black market
  • Yara is upset with Myrin because he went to read up on the Phoenix but not about her fur.
  • Finny brings Phil (a tiefling) and offer 7% for working for me
  • I run into Yara and she gives me two necklaces (one is an orc necklace and one is something my character doesn’t know about — but it’s my tears in a jar)
  • She asks me for another gem and I hesitantly give her one but warn her that it is enchanted
  • She goes to give Norand and Alphius orc necklaces
  • She asks Alphius about the type of magic on the gem
  • Our two week fast forward is finish
  • Myrin and Alphius learn that their fight with a dragon was a dream (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156418548)
  • Myrin gives me dragon scale daggers and I give him a shard as a “thanks” and I will work on this trust thing too
  • Norand noticed that the phoenix egg is changing color and looks like rot
  • He casts lesser restoration on it but it helps only about 20% of the rot
  • He casts lay on hands to remove the rot and it works for now
  • Myrin asks to get Jeffry from Yara so he can remove the enchanted gems and return Jeffry back to normal.  She throws it at him and runs away.
  • Myrin attempts to get the shards out of Jeffry but is unsuccessful.  He gets frost damage on his first try and acid damage on his second attempt.
  • I run after Yara and try to calm her down.  I’m not very good at it but I tell her I will help her out.  I also notice that her fur is starting to grow back and she seems to get excited about it.
  • We all think about how to help Shay Hazir from his unnatural coma but do not come up with anything solid. Myrin helps Shay by his removing curse spell and he’s no longer being tortured in his dream.

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