A 5-headed dragon?!?

So we are fighting what looked like a general, then he releases his illusion and we see a knight that looks to be doing necrotic damage. He summons a 5-headed dragon. The heads split into different areas and turn into statues.

We continue our attack. We learn that each dragon does a different attack: fire, ice, necrotic, a debuff

The knight takes a stone from his chest and throws it at Norand.  Arcane missiles come out of the stone.  And thus the “Nipple missile” was invented.

The knight knocks me out, but the rest of the team succeeds and Yara gives the fatal blow to the knight. She turns into a water elemental and water leaks through all of his body and kills the knight, ripping a hole through his chest.

I eventually get revived and see that the knight looks like he was turning into some sort of dragon-like skin.  I grab the cloak off the dead body. It looks like a starry night with a couple of gems (“nipple missile”).


Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This black or dark blue robe is embroidered with small! white or silver stars. You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws while you wear it. Six stars, located on the robe’s upper front portion, are particularly large. While wearing this robe, you can use an action to pull off one of the stars and use it to cast magic missile as a 5th-level spell. Daily at dusk, la: removed stars reappear on the robe. While you wear the robe, you can use an action to enter the Astral Plane along with everything you are wearing and carrying. You remain there until you use an action to return to the plane you were on. You reappear in the last space you occupied, or if that space is occupied, the nearest unoccupied space.

/roll 7d4+7


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