Dat badger yo!

We run away from the approaching guards and try to figure out how to bury Myrin’s dead body.

We decide to have a Viking-style funeral and make a raft. Yara asks the spirits of the lake to put him to rest.

Norand suggests I go in and “steal” potions and give the merchants the cash.

We all try to get some healing by rolling out hit dice.



I steal some potions and food.

I see an “Ari Pouture” wand, check it for traps, remove the traps, take the wand, and give it to Yara.  It turns out to be a very expensive healing wand.  Norand is super pissed at me for stealing it but Yara sees it as a steal for the greater good.

Yara goes to talk to a badger.  The badger is woken and has a bad attitude.  He constantly says, “things are weird” and states his wife is a bitch.  He tells us that there are no birds in the area.  We notice that but find it very odd.

I go through the thieves guild area and find bounties for our heads. I steal them and go into the city. I see the wanted posters at the gate and distract the guards with a chicken.  I grab the wanted posters and make a run for it.

Yara goes into the spirit realm to find out what is going on.  She is facing the Purifier and he is kind of giving her answers. The Purifier takes on a human form with chains. He thrashes back and forth. Yara tried to trace the chains and sees that it leads to her body.  She tells him that she didn’t want to cause him this pain but she knows she cannot release him.  She’s unsure of what he is really capable of.  He gives her a sense of his power. His power is the size of a mountain and he can wipe out nations.  She sympathizes with him and promises she will make this better. He gives in and leaps into her stone.  Her stone turns into a flawless sapphire.


And we level up! Now level 12.


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