Back to the coke dragon…

Yara is still in the spirit world and encounters a spirit.  It has no facial features but lets her know it is the spirit of coin.

Yara’s perfect stone is inspected by Alphius and he notices that it is the elemental core of undeath.

Yara makes her way to another spirit.  She finds a platter of food that is the spirit.  She asks the spirit if there is any evil in the town.  The spirit doesn’t believe so.  She asks about the necromancer and the spirit says they are unnatural.  She asks about other things that might be weird and the spirit says that the birds in the farms have disappeared.  The spirit is The Spirit of the Harvest.

She wakes and sees her stone is perfect now and is floating in her hands.  She tried to grab the stone but can’t.  She assumes that the purifier is in the stone.

She tells me about the purifier and I tell her about the wanted and bounty poster.

They all determine that we need to be careful as people are looking for us. I start messing with Norand saying there is someone behind him. I did this twice. He fails in his rolls twice. It was a funny moment. I was going to do it a third time but Yara says we don’t have time for this so I stop.

We try to figure out who would take us in to figure out why we are being hunted.  We decide to visit the coke dragon at the Purple Shire.

We get there and see no wanted posters or anything. We try to trade with the wizard to get into the door and speak with Grin (the coke dragon).

The dragon does not actually deal with coke, it’s actually concentrated magic.  Yara raises the point that the necromancer must be an issue for him and he gives us a taste of information about the necromancer.

  • He seems to have his power emanates from the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • He has copies of himself and he doesn’t know how old he is or the copies
  • He is an ancient necromancer that is even older than the dragon.

The dragon believes the thieves Citadel will help us on our quest.

Yara tries to ask him about the shard I gave the wizard but we would have to offer him something else. I keep my mouth shut.

We leave and we make our way through the desert.  We make it back to Geldameth and we avoid it and go to the river instead.  Yara splits the water Moses style.  She tries to capture as much fish as possible, but it seems she only gets one.  She finds a ring.  Alphius rolls on the floor on the way to land.  She stops her spell and the water destroys the bridge to Geldameth to cross the water.  She gives the ring to Alphius to detect if there is magic. There is and it’s cursed.  It makes people want to keep it.  Norand does removed curse on Alphius and he gives the right back to Yara with a warning. Yara puts on the ring.

We end up at Dragon Sword Mountains.  We see about five birds in the sky.



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