If it weren’t for these darn kids!

The coke dragon tells us it is not a good idea to pursue the necromancer, so we head over to Thay.  We head northward on our journey.

Norand does some animal handling checks and sees that pretty soon, the Phoenix will soon be able to fly.

We head over to Skalnaedyr, where there is a bridge, that heads north toward Thay, and to also check and see how far our bounty goes.

We aren’t being followed.  We notice a man standing in the distance.

We decide to surround the guy. Yara and I go into the water and make our way behind the guy on the bridge.

Norand determines that we should be on the other side of the bridge by now.  He approaches the barbarian man. The man gives Norand a warning not to cross.  Norand tries to deceive the man but cannot.  They (Norand and Alphius) end up fighting him.

Yara and I find a wizard hiding in the bush. Yara tries to scare the wizard but he just insults her. I yell at him and ask what he’s doing here.

Tom (the wizard) apologizes and tries to escape. A little elf girl (about 14 or 15 years old) appears next to Norand. The jig is up.  The barbarian turns into his true self, a chubby 15-year-old boy.

The kids explain that they were trying to defend what is left of their town.  The kids have been getting training but they don’t want to listen to their masters.

The wizard explains that no one goes in or out of Thay because it was on top of a mountain.

The elven girl asks about the Phoenix.  Norand gave the Phoenix a name, Fiero.

We bring the children into town so that we can meet their masters.  We take them one by one as a group.

Alphius’s weapon starts on its own when they enter Tom’s master’s house. He finds out that his master does not like tinkerers.  He puts the cannon aside.

Tom’s master looks like a genie with purple skin, black hair in a pony tail, shirtless and a wispy lower torso.




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