About My Character

In D&D, my character’s name is Agua Myst on Roll20.net.  Technically this was not my first character in D&D but because I have little memory of my first character, I will refer to this character right now as my first.


In the world of D&D, Agua Myst is a halfling lightfoot rogue with a concentration that is heavy in thievery.

Her storyline background is as follows:

“Abandoned at birth, I struggled to survive on the streets in a small village near a lush forest. A woman, by the name of Edna, with not much more than some flowers to sell and a little cottage in the woods, was kind enough to shelter me. Edna grew three different types of flowers and I helped her sell them in the city for a while. Winters were harsh and as the woman grew older, she would get sick more often. Pretty soon she would be barely able to walk. So I had to steal from the markets in the city to make sure we didn’t starve to death. Luckily I was quiet and tiny, so I was never noticed when taking some fruit or a loaf of bread.

When I was 17, a great fire burned all the crops and plants in the area and I suddenly had nothing. Poor Edna who had saved me from the streets and raised me had died in that fire. The fire had struck as she was picking some flowers for us to sell. She was surrounded by the flames and as I came running toward her from the cottage, I could see that there was nothing I could do.

I later learned that this fire was caused by someone who is looking to build new shops in the area and take over the land. I decided to look for this someone in the hopes I can stop them from causing any further damage to other villages like mine.”

Basic Skills

Her expertise is in being stealthy and also sleight of hand, but she also has skill proficiencies in acrobatics and investigation as well.  So her dexterity and intellect are graded fairly high in her core stats.

Additionally, she is extremely lucky because of her race and the feat that was selected. Her luck gives her an additional 4 chances to get out of any potential danger.