Still fighting the big, bad bird!

Still.. the team is fighting the big, bad bird and I’m at our keep chillin’ out.

The team kills the big bird and now the rest of the very large swarm are headed toward the keep.  The birds create a gigantic hole in the keep and I stealthily find a hiding spot on top of a tree to see what is going on.

The rest of the team comes back to the keep and sees two giant birds fighting. They talk with what looks like a Phoenix and it asks the team to protect it.  They agree.  It was so injured, it turns to ash.  An egg appears from the ash.  We rescue the egg that comes from it.  I make my way over to them.

Myrin goes to Underwatch to find people to repair the keep.

B-b-b-bird bird bird, the bird is the word!

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Yara asks Norand to heal her to see if her fur will come back to her face, but it only heals the burning feeling.  She is depressed.

Finny presents me with a choice: I should hire one more person to man the black market, but it would take 10 days to get someone.  Then I would need to look him over to see if I trust him.

Norand and Alphius notice a flock of birds around Buldamar and consider it unnatural.

Yara hears Alphius’s cannon and she runs out to hear that there are some weird birds around.

Norand finds Myrin and wakes him up. He explains that something is not right.

Myrin talks with the birds to find out about what they’re doing.  The birds seem to be preparing for a fight and waiting for their big bird master.

Myrin goes into the dream realm to see how Shay Hazir is doing.  For some reason he is dreaming of being tortured again.

I decide to let Finny find a second person to man the market.  I also ask if he can check and see what is going on with Geldameth’s shipment.

The rest of the group fights the birds and the large undead bird boss.  They kill it… violently.



Shit started getting real

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Myrin takes some of Shay Hazir’s fine hair to perform Dream to talk to him while he is sleeping to recover. Myrin finds out that he is a wizard.

Yara sneaks away with some ham and gives it to Hippo because it’s too salty.

Myrin has a near death experience while sleeping.

I talk with Finny and give him a few shards of gems so he can find a place to sleep and eat.

She finds and wakes Myrin and he does Prestidigitation on Yara.  It rips the fur from her face when she was trying to get the blood off of her fur. Yara starts crying.  Hippo tries to give sympathy to Yara.  Myrin casts Seeming to make Yara look like herself.

I get the shipment early from Gheldameth and store it in the warehouse.

We all level to 11.  I am not 68 in health (62 max health + 5 rogue dice + 1 con mod).




Poor Shay Hazir!

I unlock a tome Yara handed me and that Norand finds in the vampire’s ash remains.

Lock picking roll is 1d20 + dex + proficiency bonus…

which right now is 1d20+5+3

Norand demands that Al Hazir unlock the door to the dungeon we are in.  He hesitantly opens the door and lets us out.

We check to see if everyone in the castle are well and uncharmed.

We look for Al Hazir’s husband, Shay Hazir.

I make a deal with Finny to be my storekeeper in my black market.

Norand gets an offer from Oscar to free slaves but he declines.

We go around looking for Al Hazir’s husband still.  We eventually find him with Yara’s help and we find him in really poor condition with vampire bites.

Myrin goes to the sleep realm to speak with spirits to find out more about cannibalized spirits and how it occurs.

Yara continues to read the tome, which happens to be the vampire’s diary and finds out it’s pretty damn boring.

While at home…

I send letters to the black market and wipe away the markings one of them left behind.

Norand writes a letter to the Order.

Myrin talks with Alphius about making Cob a training sword.  Myrin talks with the plants to make sure they are doing well.

We dine and drink together for the night.

For breakfast, we begin eating. The halfling (Finny) that is working with Al Hazir enters and he asks us to come to Al Hazir’s.  He tells us more about him:

  • Al Kahara is where he was last.
  • Oskar is the leader, a dwarf.
  • He works with 40 others like him.
  • He is originally from Flan.

My character supposedly recognizes him from someplace.

Myrin gets Cob to help him get a tree to make a training sword. He teaches Cob to swing a sword and what it’s for.

Oskar Blackblue meets us at Al Hazir’s. I try to follow the halfling but a guard directs me to a different direction.

We find out we were found in the Coliseum in Al Kahara by Al Hazir.

Myrin goes into the spirit realm to ask the spirits some questions to find out what is going on at Al Hazir’s and the spirit he was trying to protect him.  The protected spirit was cannibalized.

We eventually locate the evil person (a vampire named Gregor Castaroff Cloudstrider the fourth) that seems to have glamorized Al Hazir.  We end up fighting him in his den.   We eventually kill the vampire.

After the zombie slaughter…

Norand decides to go back to town after killing a hoard of all sorts of zombies.

Corvad Grandthrow artisan….

I find a tall tree and take a nap.  It’s at a central point of the city and

Yara finds a sea urchin after her nap.

Norand looks for an inn and encounters a teifling named Gweneth.  He washes off his armor and rents a room.  The house is dwarven themed.

Yara offers sea urchin to most and they seem to like it…

Myrin and Alphius goes to a blacksmith and asks some questions to find out about tinkering or jewel crafting.

Yara is talking with a half-elf who is a leather maker/hunter.

The team sells some of the useless armor we collected, worth 300 gold, and they ask for silver to pour into Jeffry (since he loves silver).

Norand looks for a guy named Brevden to redeem a quest with 11 zombie jaws, bear parts, and other zombie bits.

We head home and see Cobb playing with the little farmer’s girl.  We find out that there are some things that have changed and I don’t have a damn thing in my black market.


On a boat, la la la la!

Yara is still in the spirit world with Myrin.  She is speaking with a very interesting spirit who identifies as the Purifier.  He is a bit aggressive because he hates the otterfolk.

There was a lot of pretty good dialog that I have to link to the stream here.

We go underground with Myrin and Yara while they are in a trance.  The boat is being tossed around a whole lot.

They are pretty banged up but at one point I try to protect Yara.

Myrin apologizes for leaving when I was saddened and depressed about not being able to see gold anymore.

We land in Chavyandat.

Norand and the rest find out they’re marked and cannot trade in the city.

A lot of funny shit happens and I just couldn’t type it all here but essentially Norand and the gang (except me) get into a bit of a disagreement.

I finally decided to look for the scammer that we saw the first time we visited this city.  I roll a high investigation and stealth check.

Once they each figure out how to get the mark off their heads,