If it weren’t for these darn kids!

The coke dragon tells us it is not a good idea to pursue the necromancer, so we head over to Thay.  We head northward on our journey.

Norand does some animal handling checks and sees that pretty soon, the Phoenix will soon be able to fly.

We head over to Skalnaedyr, where there is a bridge, that heads north toward Thay, and to also check and see how far our bounty goes.

We aren’t being followed.  We notice a man standing in the distance.

We decide to surround the guy. Yara and I go into the water and make our way behind the guy on the bridge.

Norand determines that we should be on the other side of the bridge by now.  He approaches the barbarian man. The man gives Norand a warning not to cross.  Norand tries to deceive the man but cannot.  They (Norand and Alphius) end up fighting him.

Yara and I find a wizard hiding in the bush. Yara tries to scare the wizard but he just insults her. I yell at him and ask what he’s doing here.

Tom (the wizard) apologizes and tries to escape. A little elf girl (about 14 or 15 years old) appears next to Norand. The jig is up.  The barbarian turns into his true self, a chubby 15-year-old boy.

The kids explain that they were trying to defend what is left of their town.  The kids have been getting training but they don’t want to listen to their masters.

The wizard explains that no one goes in or out of Thay because it was on top of a mountain.

The elven girl asks about the Phoenix.  Norand gave the Phoenix a name, Fiero.

We bring the children into town so that we can meet their masters.  We take them one by one as a group.

Alphius’s weapon starts on its own when they enter Tom’s master’s house. He finds out that his master does not like tinkerers.  He puts the cannon aside.

Tom’s master looks like a genie with purple skin, black hair in a pony tail, shirtless and a wispy lower torso.




Back to the coke dragon…

Yara is still in the spirit world and encounters a spirit.  It has no facial features but lets her know it is the spirit of coin.

Yara’s perfect stone is inspected by Alphius and he notices that it is the elemental core of undeath.

Yara makes her way to another spirit.  She finds a platter of food that is the spirit.  She asks the spirit if there is any evil in the town.  The spirit doesn’t believe so.  She asks about the necromancer and the spirit says they are unnatural.  She asks about other things that might be weird and the spirit says that the birds in the farms have disappeared.  The spirit is The Spirit of the Harvest.

She wakes and sees her stone is perfect now and is floating in her hands.  She tried to grab the stone but can’t.  She assumes that the purifier is in the stone.

She tells me about the purifier and I tell her about the wanted and bounty poster.

They all determine that we need to be careful as people are looking for us. I start messing with Norand saying there is someone behind him. I did this twice. He fails in his rolls twice. It was a funny moment. I was going to do it a third time but Yara says we don’t have time for this so I stop.

We try to figure out who would take us in to figure out why we are being hunted.  We decide to visit the coke dragon at the Purple Shire.

We get there and see no wanted posters or anything. We try to trade with the wizard to get into the door and speak with Grin (the coke dragon).

The dragon does not actually deal with coke, it’s actually concentrated magic.  Yara raises the point that the necromancer must be an issue for him and he gives us a taste of information about the necromancer.

  • He seems to have his power emanates from the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • He has copies of himself and he doesn’t know how old he is or the copies
  • He is an ancient necromancer that is even older than the dragon.

The dragon believes the thieves Citadel will help us on our quest.

Yara tries to ask him about the shard I gave the wizard but we would have to offer him something else. I keep my mouth shut.

We leave and we make our way through the desert.  We make it back to Geldameth and we avoid it and go to the river instead.  Yara splits the water Moses style.  She tries to capture as much fish as possible, but it seems she only gets one.  She finds a ring.  Alphius rolls on the floor on the way to land.  She stops her spell and the water destroys the bridge to Geldameth to cross the water.  She gives the ring to Alphius to detect if there is magic. There is and it’s cursed.  It makes people want to keep it.  Norand does removed curse on Alphius and he gives the right back to Yara with a warning. Yara puts on the ring.

We end up at Dragon Sword Mountains.  We see about five birds in the sky.


Dat badger yo!

We run away from the approaching guards and try to figure out how to bury Myrin’s dead body.

We decide to have a Viking-style funeral and make a raft. Yara asks the spirits of the lake to put him to rest.

Norand suggests I go in and “steal” potions and give the merchants the cash.

We all try to get some healing by rolling out hit dice.



I steal some potions and food.

I see an “Ari Pouture” wand, check it for traps, remove the traps, take the wand, and give it to Yara.  It turns out to be a very expensive healing wand.  Norand is super pissed at me for stealing it but Yara sees it as a steal for the greater good.

Yara goes to talk to a badger.  The badger is woken and has a bad attitude.  He constantly says, “things are weird” and states his wife is a bitch.  He tells us that there are no birds in the area.  We notice that but find it very odd.

I go through the thieves guild area and find bounties for our heads. I steal them and go into the city. I see the wanted posters at the gate and distract the guards with a chicken.  I grab the wanted posters and make a run for it.

Yara goes into the spirit realm to find out what is going on.  She is facing the Purifier and he is kind of giving her answers. The Purifier takes on a human form with chains. He thrashes back and forth. Yara tried to trace the chains and sees that it leads to her body.  She tells him that she didn’t want to cause him this pain but she knows she cannot release him.  She’s unsure of what he is really capable of.  He gives her a sense of his power. His power is the size of a mountain and he can wipe out nations.  She sympathizes with him and promises she will make this better. He gives in and leaps into her stone.  Her stone turns into a flawless sapphire.


And we level up! Now level 12.

A 5-headed dragon?!?

So we are fighting what looked like a general, then he releases his illusion and we see a knight that looks to be doing necrotic damage. He summons a 5-headed dragon. The heads split into different areas and turn into statues.

We continue our attack. We learn that each dragon does a different attack: fire, ice, necrotic, a debuff

The knight takes a stone from his chest and throws it at Norand.  Arcane missiles come out of the stone.  And thus the “Nipple missile” was invented.

The knight knocks me out, but the rest of the team succeeds and Yara gives the fatal blow to the knight. She turns into a water elemental and water leaks through all of his body and kills the knight, ripping a hole through his chest.

I eventually get revived and see that the knight looks like he was turning into some sort of dragon-like skin.  I grab the cloak off the dead body. It looks like a starry night with a couple of gems (“nipple missile”).


Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This black or dark blue robe is embroidered with small! white or silver stars. You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws while you wear it. Six stars, located on the robe’s upper front portion, are particularly large. While wearing this robe, you can use an action to pull off one of the stars and use it to cast magic missile as a 5th-level spell. Daily at dusk, la: removed stars reappear on the robe. While you wear the robe, you can use an action to enter the Astral Plane along with everything you are wearing and carrying. You remain there until you use an action to return to the plane you were on. You reappear in the last space you occupied, or if that space is occupied, the nearest unoccupied space.

/roll 7d4+7

Kicking a lot of arses

  • Black market doing well
  • Phoenix is growing and still disobedient
  • Jeffry is on a pedestal and Yara is staring at it.

We each find each other, plan out how we will travel with the Phoenix, and plan to head over to Thay. We test out riding with the speedy horse and while that is happening, Herald is running toward us at full speed.  He warns us that Al Hazir is out to get us.

Norand leaves some distance away waiting for us.Yara sees several guards come towards our keep and we hide in the trees.  We see that the people from our keep were questioned but left alone. They

Yara sees several guards come towards our keep and we hide in the trees.  We see that the people from our keep were questioned but left alone. They didnt find the black market.

Then we see Myrin and the guards stab him and put him on pikes.  It seems like Myrin’s spirits was pulled out of his body.  Only Yara and I know its Myrin that is dead.

Yara casts an ice spell (Wall of Ice). Norand starts to race towards us. Alphius blasts the soldiers with his Thundar Luncher and does a ton of damage to them.  Most of the guards run away.

Yara casts spirit guardians several times and kills the majority of the guards.  I try to sneak up as close as possible to Yara but not really there yet.

Norand makes it to us.

We all get our attacks in and wipe them out.


D&D can be dramatic…

  • The black market is doing well, and makes 20g
  • I find a blue material for Yara and give it to her
  • Myrin tries to see if he can pull something out of Jeffry again but nothing
  • Norand reads up on comas, Skarra Irontalon, a cleric, tiefling is mind speaking tells him congrats on his last achievement with the orcs and freeing the slaves and to monitor the thief who is friend’s with his party member. Norand also finds out the phoenix egg should be close to hatching. He calls Alphius over and the egg cracks open. Norand feeds the baby bird some cooked meat.

At a point, one of our players caused some drama and now it looks like we’re not playing with him anymore so that ends the game for the night.

Full gang in rpg mode

This week’s stream presented by

  • My rogue caters to the black market
  • Yara is upset with Myrin because he went to read up on the Phoenix but not about her fur.
  • Finny brings Phil (a tiefling) and offer 7% for working for me
  • I run into Yara and she gives me two necklaces (one is an orc necklace and one is something my character doesn’t know about — but it’s my tears in a jar)
  • She asks me for another gem and I hesitantly give her one but warn her that it is enchanted
  • She goes to give Norand and Alphius orc necklaces
  • She asks Alphius about the type of magic on the gem
  • Our two week fast forward is finish
  • Myrin and Alphius learn that their fight with a dragon was a dream (
  • Myrin gives me dragon scale daggers and I give him a shard as a “thanks” and I will work on this trust thing too
  • Norand noticed that the phoenix egg is changing color and looks like rot
  • He casts lesser restoration on it but it helps only about 20% of the rot
  • He casts lay on hands to remove the rot and it works for now
  • Myrin asks to get Jeffry from Yara so he can remove the enchanted gems and return Jeffry back to normal.  She throws it at him and runs away.
  • Myrin attempts to get the shards out of Jeffry but is unsuccessful.  He gets frost damage on his first try and acid damage on his second attempt.
  • I run after Yara and try to calm her down.  I’m not very good at it but I tell her I will help her out.  I also notice that her fur is starting to grow back and she seems to get excited about it.
  • We all think about how to help Shay Hazir from his unnatural coma but do not come up with anything solid. Myrin helps Shay by his removing curse spell and he’s no longer being tortured in his dream.