The White Lady Spirit

We killed the spirit that was in Bride Keep and grabbed the quest objective from her.

We go back into town and take a long rest.

I leave the inn and go to an empty house to sleep in.purchase rations and a horse with spots (named Spotty).

We purchase rations and a horse with spots.

The paladin summons a beautiful Warhorse, called Rinehart.

Now we just have one more quest objective left.

We head to a cave for the third objective and find a riddle on a door with an insert:

Find the lonely outcast:
Ape, wolf, swan, humanoid

We tried all the options backward and inserting the objects we received from the quests, and it turns out the ape was the answer.

I see something strange on the ceiling and Hippo attacks it with his cannon and loaded with a bunch of chair legs he took from Bride Keep.

The strange thing on the ceiling turn out to be two beasts and they come down from the ceiling to attack us.

We kill it by Yara knocking the two beasts together and the half-giant shaman makes one of the monsters commit suicide using Vicious Mockery.

We heal ourselves up a bit and end the game on that note.



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